La Meccanica del Colore

Together with my friend and composer Nuno Faria Costa, I’ve created the electronic part for his new chamber Opera La Meccanica del Colore.



“The main character of this short story builds a humanoid robot wired to paint the landscapes that this man can no longer see in person, due to a leg wound.

Though the man is the main character, it is the robot that fills the stage and reveals itself to be the prevailing form, irremediably mechanical and ruthless, in the darkness interrupted by garish strokes of colour.

With the help of a shy and hesitant assistant, the man continues to make changes to the robot’s electrical and electronic paraphernalia, but the paintings it makes remain unreal. (…)

He secretly hopes that the robot will become better than he is; paradoxically however, though he feels inferior he still wants to control it, thereby remaining in constant conflict between the discredit of human identity and man’s will for supremacy.”





  • Composer Collaboration