About Me.

I like images, that can turn into moving images.
I like stories; specially those framed in 25 or 30 or 60 fps.
And the way sound moulds into a picture. By enhancing it or misleading it.

Bruno Pinto Ferreira
Multi-Instrumentalist | Composer | Producer



Bruno Pinto Ferreira is a musician, composer and music producer from Portugal. Born in 1987, his fascination with sound led him to study music since an early age.

His path is made by the experimentation and the creation of music for visual content and abstract concepts.

Current works spans across audio installations to advertisement and film music.
In 2018, he was nominated for the SABAM Award for Young Composers at Film

Fest Gent and is currently composing for the “The Flying Photographer” documentary about Portuguese photographer Fernando Guerra.



Traces – alias Manel Gaiato [ Electronic | Abstract | Ambient ]

O Mundo Mágico do Multi – Multidance [ Children’s Music ]



Sep 14 – Jul 16 | Masters in Music Composition (KCA, Belgium)

Sep 11 – Jul 14 | Bachelors in Music Composition (ESMAE, Portugal)

Sep 08 – Jul 11 | Bachelors in Music Production and Technology (ESMAE, Portugal)